Project: BetBattle

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Project Description

Euro 2020 was about to start, and me and my coworkers wanted to compete on the results. We'd done so for the World Cup three years prior (2018 - Euro 2020 was played in 2021), but couldn't find a suitable Excel sheet.
I'm no Excel expert, but I am a programmer, so I said "No worries guys, give me a couple of days, then you'll get an e-mail". And as promised a couple of days later, an invitation link was sent to the newly created site.
It was a first release, but has later evolved to include several big leagues in Europe, and allow friends aswell as strangers to compete in their abilities to foresee football results.
Check it out, it's running great and is always evolving!

Project Screenshots & Images

BetBattle - A webapplication for competing with friends on football scores

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