Project: Online Movie Index

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Project Description

The OMI (Online Movie Index) project started as a school project, together with 3 other students. We didn't finish the project, and the application needed a lot of work before it would be able to be released.
Since then, I've been picking up some of the pieces from time to time, when I have a spare minute or two.
This has resulted in a somewhat finished application, that's only <20% short of completion.

So, what's it good for?
Well, since I'm kind of a movienerd, I have a lot of movies in different formats laying around.
This application helps me keep track of all the movies I have, and quickly see some information on a movie. Say I have some friends over, and we want to watch a thriller. What easier way than to just open OMI, find all the thrillers I have in my movie collection, and decide on a movie from a simple and user friendly overview.

In the future, I would like to implement a recommendation system, using actors, genres, producers and user-tags. And of course user ratings, to recommend a movie to watch from the user's own collection, or a movie the user hasn't collected yet, to add to the collection.

Project Screenshots & Images

The Online Movie Index is a webapplication built in PHP, Python and MySQL. It's open source, and can be found on GitHub. In short, it's a way for the user to have an overview of all the movies the user own. Relies on some free api's on the web, along with some search API's that uses it's own Database.

Project In Progress