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Project Description

Pokébase is a community site for the Danish Pokémon GO Community.
Whilst the Pokémon GO mania was at it highest over a year ago, the community is still striving.
I'd noticed a lack of Danish news sites, and acted on that.

The site is build in vanilla PHP with a MySQL db to hold the data. It's running on a regular LAMP stack.
One of the more cool features (since it's really just a custom build, homemade CMS) is the Research reporter, where I use location data to search for items reported by other users.

You can see the result on this address:

Project Screenshots & Images

I've been, in total secret, working on a Danish fanpage / infopage for Pokémon. Now with the Pokémon GO hype (even though it's not so hyped as the summer of 2016), there's a lot of people wanting infomation on Pokémon. I'm building a Danish community page for all the Pokémon fans in Denmark, that will include News (such as Niantic Pressreleases translated to Danish), Guides and general Pokémon info.

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