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Project Description

NB: This project has been abandoned. If someone with to pick it up, please contact me, and I'll handover the source code.

In Denmark, students that receive SU (An economic support for students on most educations) are not allowed to earn an unlimited amount of money, from their part time jobs.
There's many rulesregarding this, and most student have a hard time figuring out exactly how much they are alowed to work.

With Sucu, they're over that. Sucu takes in when and how much each student work, and calculates a budget for them, warns them if they're close to exceeding the limit, and helps them in many other different ways.

When Sucu is finished, it will include many different features, and I hope it will become the favourite portal of knowledge sharing for students across Denmark

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Sucu is a webapplication, intended for students studying in Denmark. Built in PHP and Python, with a MySQL database for storing the data.

As of now, the Sucu application is more or less dead, with no time to develop further.

Project Shut down
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